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Hooray for teamwork – the malvertizements at photobucket.com have been identified

May 8th 2008 in Uncategorized

Once again, communication and cooperation between anti-malvertizement activists around the world has resulted in success.

We have found the malicious malvertizements on photobucket.com – Kimberley has the details.

The incident has been reported to Photobucket.  The malvertizements themselves are not new.  Speedstick and TokyoDrift have been featured on this blog several times.  As noted by Kimberley, the malicious domains being used by the cretins behind the malvertizements are:

atlas-ads.com (host of a malicious SWF)

photobkt-images.adbureau.net (host of a malicious SWF)

adbureau.net is Akamai – the incident has been reported.

Atlas-ads.com is registered via Estdomains, created on 10 April 2008.


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“Hooray for teamwork – the malvertizements at photobucket.com have been identified”

Jane McIntyre

I was surfing my space this morning when a pop-up came on with the domain tds. maxconvert.com. I tried to get out of it, had to shut computer down to get out. Is this something I should be concerned with?? My e-mail mcintyre3447@comcast.net

Thanks to Susan for the heads up…
Cite:  http://blog.mozilla.com/security/2008/05/07/compromised-file-in-vietnamese-language-pack-for-firefox-2/
Cite:  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=432406
Anybody who downloaded and installed the Vietnamese language pack ***since 18 February*** will have got an infected copy.  Symptoms include the display of unwanted advertising.
Mozilla notes that because only “16,667 total downloads of the Vietnamese language pack since November 2007” they consider that the impact on users […]

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