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A new look dottunes malvertizement

May 27th 2008 in Uncategorized

A new style Dot Tunes advertisement:

The adopstools results are here:

When the SWF is displayed on a system it hits the following URLs:




The cross domain policy is “allow-access-from domain=”*” ” – in other words, there are no domain restrictions.  This document will help you understand the implications of such an open cross domain policy:

image   image   image

One comment to...
“A new look dottunes malvertizement”

Jeff Ayling

Hi there,

Jeff here from DOT.TUNES.

I’d just like to strongly assure you that this advert was not created by us and we are victims in this.

We would love to find out who is responsible for creating these ads – if anyone can help please let us know.



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