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Another eBooks malvertizement

June 5th 2008 in Uncategorized

Regular readers may recall the new eBooks malvertizement highlighted the other day – this one:

Here’s another version, slightly tweaked. You’ll notice the different wording and different font:




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I have just finished glancing over Mark Russinovich’s latest blog entry, in which he described how he tracked down the cause of, and fix for, crashes affecting Internet Explorer on his Vista x64 gaming system, as well as crashes affecting Windows Media Player.
The diagnostic steps that Mark uses make for fantastic reading for the geeks […]

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Adopstools.com was not able to analyse the sample that I have, but there is more than one way to get things done. The malicious SWF exposes victims to two different URLs: impressiontracker.com/url/sc_6.php and yourredirect.com/soft.php?aid=000417&d=3&product=XPA The yourredirect.com URL redirects to a fraudware site, being: onlinescannerxp.com/2008/3/freescan.php?aid={removed} yourredirect.com was created on […]

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