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Report: Malvertizements that are currently circulating

June 28th 2008 in Uncategorized




Domains exposed:





Hosted by Plusserver, Germany.  Administrative contact is the infamous Serg Moon – WHOIS details are, of course, unhelpful.

Note: WHOIS notes that registration services are provided by NameCheap.com, which shares IP indirectly via cnames with davidrohlf.com, georgerohlf.com, kristinerohlf.com and therohlfs.com.

Registar is the well known Enom, Inc – created on 25 March 2008


hostnames sharing ip with a-records

Lots and lots and LOTS of bad domains sharing name servers with profitabill.com

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First Choice in French (we have seen malvertizements featuring First Choice before – eg: this one in English) This malvertizement exposes a domain to us, waytotheprofit.com/?cmpid=atrecreant and click.adlbrite.com.  adlbrite.com is hosted by nine.ch in Switzerland (yes, the same nine.ch that has hosted domains used by malvertizements in the […]

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