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ALERT: Malvertizements featuring Skype in circulation

July 30th 2008 in Uncategorized

I have highlighted malvertizements featuring Skype before, but it is worthwhile reminding everybody about their existence now that they seem to be in active circulation.  I have seen 3 distinct samples of the malvertizement in the past 24 hours or so.






It seems that Forceup may be involved in the distribution of at least one of the malvertizements featuring Skype.  Forceup have been caught distributing malvertizements before. Maybe those behind the name think that Forceup has been flying under the radar long enough for us to have forgotten about them – nope.

Previous incidents involving Forceup are listed below:

Forceup.com caught trying to sell a malicious advertisement featuring firstchoice.com

Press Release by eMusic

Forceup.com are distributing malicious advertisements .. again – an examination of the social engineering behind malvertisements

A list of every time Forceup has been mentioned on this blog

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