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Toby Richards talks about the MVP Program

July 31st 2008 in Uncategorized

Toby Richards: Community and MVP Program Roadmap


Toby Richards, General Manager for Community Support Services and the MVP Program at Microsoft, is interviewed by Ken Levy discussing the current state of the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professionals) community and the roadmap for the MVP program and MVP summit.

Toby took over this role in early 2008, and is responsible for programs that identify, award and enable community influencers around the world, creating deeper relationships and richer feedback opportunities that improve Microsoft products and services. Also discussed in the interview is online support strategies and how MVPs help users and developers who are not MVPs.


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“Toby Richards talks about the MVP Program”


What a pity that they require an additional plugin, that I’m not going to install. I’ve Flash and that is widley accepted. I’m happy with that and I’m not going to install another one, which I need to ensure that it is up-to-date too. Maybe some upload that video to Youtube…

I have over 400 RSS Feed subscriptions that I keep an eye on, and which need to be checked regularly, sometimes every 15 minutes.  A couple of days ago, msfeedssync started crashing every time a synchronization was due.  The errors were: Faulting application msfeedssync.exe, version 8.0.6001.17184, time stamp 0x47ccc712, faulting module msfeeds.dll, version 8.0.6001.17184, […]

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