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Internet Explorer Security levels compared… courtesy of Steve Riley

September 21st 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve wanted to do this for ages … never did get around to it … ;o)

Steve has put together a chart listing the default settings for each Internet Explorer security level (IE7 on Vista SP1) – you can find it here:

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And they’re not happy… The question is, where will Atrivo/Intercage’s infamous clientele go?  The hostexploit.com study that was at the centre of this maelstrom can still be found at the URL below (a PDF, just under 2 megabytes in size): http://hostexploit.com/downloads/Atrivo%20white%20paper%20090308ad.pdf  

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Don’t we love the online press?   I’ve been watching the fall-out and online reports of Atrivo’s short lived disappearance off the net, and I think this is one of the more … misinformed … articles that I have seen so far: US-Based Malware Network Shuts Down Source: Dark Reading The article says (my comments in […]

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