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Atrivo/Intercage have been knocked offline again?

September 25th 2008 in Uncategorized

Surprise surprise.  Screenshot taken just a few minutes ago…




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“Atrivo/Intercage have been knocked offline again?”


Gosh, what are the chances they got already got caught with their pants down already?(couldn’t resist the pun)


Don’t we love the online press?   I’ve been watching the fall-out and online reports of Atrivo’s short lived disappearance off the net, and I think this is one of the more … misinformed … articles that I have seen so far: US-Based Malware Network Shuts Down Source: Dark Reading The article says (my comments in […]

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Let’s take a look-see at where Intercage/Atrivo’s most infamous client, esthosts/estdomains, are situated – using Domaintools, cidr-report.org and bfk-de, and a smattering of Sam Spade 1.14.  I’m not using Robtex that much because I get the sense that, sometimes, its data is behind the times and it should be noted that by the time […]

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