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Castlecops DDOS attacker sentenced to federal prison and ordered to pay restitution

October 11th 2008 in Uncategorized

Cool!  I have no connection with and have never looked at Killanet, but Castlecops is a forum dedicated to fighting malware, spyware, phishing and spamming (very effectively, I may add) and there are quite a few “Consumer Security” MVPs who have made their home there over the years (including me, although I have not been very active – there are other areas of great need with nowhere need as many active assistants as Castlecops has). 

I remember the grief and disruption that Gregory King caused, and am very pleased to see a successful end to this case.

Y’all may remember that Gregory King was the guy who tried to hide his laptop in his back garden when the laws came a-knocking on his door on 1 October 2007.

United States Attorney McGregor W. Scott announced Tuesday that Gregory King, 21, of Fairfield, was sentenced to two years in federal prison and was ordered to pay $69,000 in restitution following a guilty plea to two counts of transmitting code to cause damage to a protected computer.

King reportedly admitted to using a “botnet” to conduct distributed-denial-of-service attacks against two different business Web sites – Killanet and Castlecops.

Source: http://www.thereporter.com/news/ci_10677450

Thanks to Kathleen for the heads-up.

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