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Internet Explorer 8 Guidebook

October 21st 2008 in Uncategorized

Its all marketing spiel, but somebody may find it useful ;o)

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“Internet Explorer 8 Guidebook”


Yo. This is gold!

  Note: the incident has been reported to a contact at allmusic. Originally discovered by Kimberley. Malicious SWF: web.checkm8.com/Ads/435513/bill_300x250-border.swf Encrypted dynamic text within malvertisement:       From web.checkm8.com we hit clickmatter.net, which loads a “static.gif” which is actually an SWF.  From there I was bounced to windows-scannercenter.com to onlinetds.info and […]

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What do you get when you combine a busy evening, an ongoing IM chat and a moment of inattention?  You get what you see to left of screen. Note that I declined the download… don’t play with with fire by downloading the virus, even if you know what it is and just want […]

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