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MS08-067 is being actively exploited…

October 23rd 2008 in Uncategorized

Here is just one example:

Threatexploit blog:

You’re patching, yes?

Watch out for crashes affecting svchost.exe and netapi32.dll.

ISC have raised their threat level to Yellow.

There are two more webcasts set up:

For the Thursday, 10/23/08, 5:00 PM Webcast, customers can register at:

For the Friday, 10/24/08, 11:00 AM Webcast, customers can register at:

A recording of the original webcast is now available:

So far we know that the bad guys already using the vulnerability have been utilizing:

doradora.atzend.com (
perlbody.t35.com (
summertime.1gokurimu.com ( (note: disog.org has mis-spelled this domain name)

Cite: http://www.disog.org/

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