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Fraudware detected on 994,061 computers

November 20th 2008 in Uncategorized

As reported by Microsoft:

The figures relate to what Microsoft has labelled “Win32/FakeSecSen”.  That figure does not (I think) encompass all of the fraudware (fake security software) products that are out there.

Just imagine, if you will, if just 1% of the owners of those detected machines were fooled into buying the fraudware software at $40 a pop – that’s $397,624.40 in illicit income garnered by the crooks.  When we take into account the fact that billing services such as the (now defunct?) Bucksbill were regularly accused of double-charging victim’s credit cards, then we’re looking at an illicit income of $795,248.80.

Scary, isn’t it.  Is it any wonder the crooks behind malvertizing are so persistent?

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