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More smoke and mirrors by the bad guys

December 15th 2008 in Uncategorized

They can run, but they can’t hide…


The most recent WHOIS manipulation by the bad guys is…

“noo” (moon.serg@gmail.com) to “Netfinanceconsult Inc”, Linda A Dingman (netfinancecon@yahoo.com)

automated-search.com, automationfind.com, under-search.com


“Billy A Schmitt” aka “John Brisbone” (larsonown@gmail.com) to “Moniker, Privacy Services”



“Serg Moon” (moon.serg@gmail.com) to “John Brisbone” (larsonown@gmail.com)

statworld.net, officialstat.com, statgroup.net, stathisranch.com, stathisranch.net, stathome.net, statnation.net






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