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koeppelinteractive.co.uk suspended

December 28th 2008 in Uncategorized


Back on 17 December 2008 I wrote about malvertizements being distributed by criminals impersonating the legitimate Koeppel Interactive (the legitimate site being koeppelinteractive.com).

The fake site, koeppelinteractive.co.uk, is now inaccessible; its name servers have been changed to “ns1.suspended-domain.com” and “ns2.suspended-domain.com”.

Koeppelinteractive.com have added an alert to their site warning about the impersonation.

For what its worth, the IP address of the bad domain,, has a bad history.  For example:

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     Adopstools results:http://www.adopstools.net/index.asp?page=quicklink&id=RC567srdR4afU35z   The malicious ad hits two URLs: freegreenstats.com/c/index.php?id=<<snipped>> ( and statisticsmanager.com/?cmpid=<<snipped>>  ( cookie dropped for adnetserver.com From statisticsmanager.com we are redirected to: onlinestatsmanager.com/ts/in.cgi?<<snipped>> ( to: scan.freescanner-proas2009.com/<<snipped>> (  <– Directi registered domain The Installer is downloaded from: files.pro-antispyware-dl.com/load/<<snipped>>.exe <— Directi registered domain   […]

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