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DIRECTI responds re inaccurate WHOIS complaint time frames

January 26th 2009 in Uncategorized

15 days, so they say:



My response?

This is not good enough.  The domains can be used to facilitate fraud for 15 days?

At the very least, posnerpromotion.com should have been isolated before now.

posnerpromotion.com redirects to posneradv.com, AND posneradv.com is displaying an alert warning that posnerpromotion.com is being used to impersonate posneradv.com.  This alone is sufficient evidence to suspend posnerpromotion.com immediately for abuse, and I am surprised that as part of your inaccurate WHOIS investigations that you did not at least look at posneradv.com – you would have seen the alert if you had done so.


Just what does it take to get DIRECTI to take action?

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“DIRECTI responds re inaccurate WHOIS complaint time frames”

Conrad Longmore

It’s a slow game of whack-a-mole basically, Directi does not seem to want to address the root cause of the issue.. which would be terminating the customer, not just the domains.

    Uh, thanks for that (software name obscured to protect me from the not-so-innocent)  ;o)

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