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Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 has been released

January 26th 2009 in Uncategorized

So far, so good on my systems.

The install was quick, although there was a disconcertingly long period, during the restart after RC1 was installed, when my primary system displayed a black screen. The nervous or impatient could conceivably do some damage if they powered down the system during that time.

As always, don’t forget to read the Release Notes.  There are some “gotchas” in there for users of Intuit TurboTax Online, Windows Live Essentials, HP Smart Web Printing, Google Toolbar, Roxio Drive Letter Access, Skype, Real Networks RealPlayer 11 and Asus NBProbe.

Also, note that IE8 RC1 cannot be installed on Windows 7.

Finally, be warned.  If you installed IE8 Beta 1 or 2 and then installed WinXP SP3, you will be able to install IE8 RC1, but once installed, you will not be able to uninstall either IE8 or Windows XP SP3 later.  To avoid this situation, uninstall WinXP SP3, uninstall IE8 Beta 1 or 2, reinstall WinXP SP3, then install IE8 RC1.  Yes, it is a pain having to do all that uninstalling and reinstalling, but believe me, its for your own good and will help avoid the charmingly named disaster that is "DLL HELL".

I further advise that you shut down all running programs, close any programs that are running in your system tray (not including Windows notifications such as ‘safely remove hardware’ icons and whatnot) and disable your antivirus software before running the IE8 RC1 installer.

IE8 RC1 can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site.

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