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Irritating advertisement!!!

January 26th 2009 in Uncategorized

Seen (and heard) at 123greetings.com:



Not only does the pictured advertisement flash and bounce, it DINGS, and it keeps on DINGING, sounding exactly like the Windows Error sound effect.  The sound is so intrusive that my husband came in to my office from another room to ask me what was wrong with my computer!  What a wonderful way to chase people away from a web site.

Just to make sure that an error on the web page was not triggering the Windows Error sound effect, I downloaded a copy of the SWF, and sure enough we find that it contains a sound file:



Advert URL:

With clicktag:

Without clicktag:

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“Irritating advertisement!!!”


It seems it would’nt have happened if you had been protected by Mike Burgess’MVPS HOSTS File, as described at: http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm !



I have always taken the stance that every person deserves their wage, and have spoken out against the wholesale blocking of advertisements. If an advertisement presents a danger (malvertizing) or if the source of the advertisement has demonstrated an ongoing risk to visitors (insufficient quality control or advertiser checks) then, yes, selectively block the advert – but do not block everything all the time.

Its amazing what we find sometimes… WARNING: I am assuming that my readers are smart enough to *NOT* visit the victim site, or the malicious URLs, without hefty protection in place, yes?  In fact, don’t go there at all unless you are willing to reformat your computer, potentially without being able to back up […]

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    Uh, thanks for that (software name obscured to protect me from the not-so-innocent)  ;o)

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