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Malvertizing at realtor.com?

February 1st 2009 in Uncategorized

I have received two independent reports, several days apart, of a possible malvertizement problem at realtor.com.  If anybody can grab evidence, using Fiddler or your network capture software of choice, we’ll be grateful to hear from you so that we can identify the malvert(s) and get it (them) shut down.

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So far, so good on my systems. The install was quick, although there was a disconcertingly long period, during the restart after RC1 was installed, when my primary system displayed a black screen. The nervous or impatient could conceivably do some damage if they powered down the system during that time. As always, […]

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I’ve warned about Olympic Media several times – they continue to be active. The latest reports indicate they are claiming to be operating out of Canada and are supplying javascript code referring to admin.securityclick.net as follows:     Other domains being used are onlinepromostats.com and admediastats.com. This […]

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