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Heated toilet seats!

February 27th 2009 in Uncategorized

Yep, that is an enduring impression that I will take away from my visit to Google’s offices – heated toilet seats; that and the slide from one floor to another that went down the stairwell  :o)

I was very excited to have been offered the opportunity to visit Google while I was in town.  It was immediately obvious that Google’s offices have a completely different ambiance to Microsoft – there was lots of open plan floor space, lots of spots of primary color, and fun names for meeting rooms – it was much lighter and brighter than many of the buildings that I have visited at Redmond and the view was amazing (there was even one of those coin operated pedestal binoculars, but it didn’t require coins).  Sadly I didn’t dare to ask if I could take any pictures of the offices to share with my readers.

To my hosts – thank you!  It was time well spent and enjoyed, and I hope we get the opportunity to meet again some time in the not to distant future.

Edit: Yes, yes, I know… this posting is pure fluff but what can I say – I signed an NDA 😀

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