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Are you ready for IE8 to go gold?

March 18th 2009 in Uncategorized

Ready or not, here it comes:




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“Are you ready for IE8 to go gold?”

Chili Palmer

Hello again Sandy,

This is a fairly entertaining site about Leo Stoller, one of your favorite people.



Chrome still ages ahead IE8, i install IE8 , try to open a new tab, this takes about 5 second??? i stay with chrome… i don’t need extension, webslices, a other stuff, i just need a fast and usefull browser…

Conrad Longmore

Don’t forget that MS have a blocking tool to prevent accidental deployment of IE8 until you are ready: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=21687628-5806-4ba6-9e4e-8e224ec6dd8c&displaylang=en

(Personally, I think that I will be ready the day that Satan has to scrape the frost off his caar in the morning).


@Conrad … <> You realise, I hope, that the innermost circle of Hell – the 9th, and the furthest from salvation etc – is meant to be frozen (I’m thinking Dante). Some religions also say Hell is cold.

Conrad Longmore

Well, I must confess that I did actually download it onto a test machine and ran through some of our intranet sites with it. The result? I haven’t yet found anything that it doesn’t cope with.. it’s a LOT better than the beta.

But still.. block and test, test, test. Is there an IEAK out for it yet?



Sure, just downloaded the Yahoo-Edition. Cool beans 🙂

iestill doesn'twork

I downloaded IE8 last week. The multi-tab options don’t work at all. When I open a new tab and try to open a website – no can do – no connect. It’s horrible and frightening that MS can’t get this browser thing after so many years and so much feedback. I have Vista Home premium on a Vaio laptop. You can’t even uninstall it easily. Needless to say, I switched back to a newly installed Chrome. I need speed, reliability, stability, and functionality/efficiency. Chrome so far has performed for my needs.


@ iestill doesn’twork – you do realise, I hope, that the problem is not with IE8 per se, but rather with a problem specific to your computer, whether it be a faulty installation (perhaps caused by something left running during the installation), an add-on interfering with IE8’s proper functioning or something else.

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