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Online advertising and impression fraud

March 30th 2009 in Uncategorized

I admit, I have seen this carry-on before, and it seems to be more common nowadays (or maybe we’re just keeping a closer eye-out for it) but I had not seen as extreme an example as that demonstrated by Mike Nolet on his blog.

You can see a video of the fraud, as it happens, here:

BTW, Wayne Porter has the same video:

BTW, did you spot the Norton alert that warned that an “a recent attempt to attack your computer was blocked”?  It makes me wonder what else was going on in that capture…

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“Online advertising and impression fraud”

John Harrison

Good video, thanks for sharing. One of the links probably was to a site hosting a drive-by download hence the Norton event. Surprised more links weren’t directly malicious. Enjoy, John

Every so often, an absolute gem crosses my desk.  This is one of those occasions. The screenshot to left of screen is of the message headers of an email from “traffichunters.net”.  traffichunters.net were trying to sell advertisements for display on a web site.  Please accept my apologies for the redacted areas […]

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