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ALERT: malvertizement featuring Rhapsody (alternative title: Well well, they have a sense of humor….)

April 1st 2009 in Uncategorized

I’ve been taking a look-see at the latest malvertizement that has hit my desk (sourced from multiple IP addresses and received over several days) – it is a Rhapsody themed malvertizement that looks like this:



Visually the malvertizement is identical to one that was circulating at least a year ago.

The malvertizements are hitting different domains despite being visually identical, which is nothing unusual.  That being said, there is a new domain being used to facilitate a browser hijack, and I just to laugh when I saw it:


Anyway, let’s take a look-see at this new domain:

Website Title: “TotalVirusProtection” (seems they’re still not cleaning up their site code when creating new sites)

ICANN Registrar: Communigal Communications Ltd
Created: 20 March 2009

IP: – Luxembourg, Steinsel, Root Esolutions

Shares IP address with the following domains, all of which should be treated with extreme caution:

enterprisestat.net, givemystats.com, measurehits.com, pleaselinkmeto.com, statsnclick.com and waytotheprofit.com.


Robert Robinson (RobertSRobinson@mail.com)
4452 Dogwood Lane
Phoenix 85012
602 5205539781

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“ALERT: malvertizement featuring Rhapsody (alternative title: Well well, they have a sense of humor….)”

Conrad Longmore

Mindful of today’s date, I checked it out myself. It seems that they do love you after all 🙂


>>LOL<< Y'know, after I posted, I wondered if anybody would think it was an April Fools joke :o)

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