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ALERT: Please treat advertising at clevescene.net with extreme caution

April 22nd 2009 in Uncategorized



Same old same old. A rhapsody advertisement.  Reported to clevescene

URL of malvertizement:

Adopstools results confirming malicious code:

URLs encountered:


as well as:

From there we end up at:

Before ending up at:

Before ending up at the fraudware site:

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Note, the malvertizement was reported to “kraz”, who is apparently responsible for advertising on the letssingit.com web site, a couple of days ago via the “Advertise on letssingit” contact form.  The advertisement was immediately removed.
letssingit.com is hosting a malicious advertising featuring SWATCH as per this URL: includes.letssingit.com/ads/SWATCH300x250.swf
Adopstools check: http://www.adopstools.net/index.asp?section=quicklink&id=8973swVapP174q1A
The malvert hits […]

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ALERT:  Please treat any content from these domains with suspicion, and be very careful about any credit reference you receive that refers to: yourdirectmedia.com, atlantmedia, traffichunters, olympicmedia.net ads2revenue, adsrepublic, truemedian.com, readadsolutions.com, adsmanagement.com ALERT: Watch out for the impersonation of legitimate businesses in credit reference checks.  Details below. —– It is fascinating […]

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