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ALERT: blogads.com is serving malvertizements

April 26th 2009 in Uncategorized

The malvertizements have been reported to blogads.com.






The adverts hit statcluster.com, enjoyspringtime.com and crustat.com (all known bad domains).

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“ALERT: blogads.com is serving malvertizements”


The advertisements were removed as soon as they were identified as malvertizements.

  This one is using the same domains as the previous version (although it should be noted that, although visually identical, this one had a different Hash to the one I looked at yesterday). Victims end up at one of two fraudware sites, scanspywareonline.com or justwebsecurity.com. I have written […]

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There are two of them, both featuring HP (the ads have been documented on this blog in the past). Both advertisements are being served via 2mdn.net and have been reported to the appropriate parties.   m1.emea.2mdn.net/989589/hp_728x90.swf   m1.au.2mdn.net/1949664/hp_300x250.swf  

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