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ALERT: Malvertizing at electronicsnews.com.au

April 27th 2009 in Uncategorized



Edited to fix subjectline

It is a malvertizement featuring HP (visually identical to the HP malvertizement described in my earlier article):

The malvertizement itself is at this URL:

Adopstools test results here:

Yes, it is the same advert that we found on guardian.co.uk

The malvertizement has been reported to the appropriate parties.

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There are two of them, both featuring HP (the ads have been documented on this blog in the past). Both advertisements are being served via 2mdn.net and have been reported to the appropriate parties.   m1.emea.2mdn.net/989589/hp_728x90.swf   m1.au.2mdn.net/1949664/hp_300x250.swf  

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perezhilton.com is an extremely popular site, and the potential audience for the malvertizers is *huge*. Kimberley and I make a great team.  I knew that there was a malvertizement being displayed on perezhilton.com, but I hadn’t been able to get definitive proof – Kimberley got it. Check out the screenshot below – note […]

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