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ALERT: Malvertizement featuring Crawler

April 30th 2009 in Uncategorized



Same old same old.  The malvertizement hits the domains statcluster.com and enjoyspringtime.com (both domains have been mentioned on this blog several times).

The Adopstools results make it obvious that there is something suspicious:

From statcluster.com and enjoyspringtime.com we end up at crustat.com then on to either free-webscaners.com or truconv.com or olinredr2.com

From olinredr2.com to pyani.com to offer-provider.com

From trueconv.com to total-virusprotection.com

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“It all started when I wanted to get more performance out of my video card. I download the latest drivers and included this virus.” Yep, that one simple act turned into an infection nightmare lasting three weeks.  I’m hoping Micky will work out exactly where he got the drivers from, and let us know […]

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  Reported by Kimberley: www.bluetack.co.uk/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=18064&view=findpost&p=91839  The malvertizements are very familiar, yes? Now, we already know that a known bad actor, yourdirectmedia, has supplied "Classmatesmedia, Rick Harris, 619 949 8952" as a referee.  We also suspect (I have not had this independently confirmed) that classmatesmedia […]

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