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3 malvertizements

May 20th 2009

All created using, we think, Fuse – all use the encrypted-code-as-dynamic-text trick. Malvertizement 1 (reported by Greg Feezel) and seen on Fox Audience Network:   Hits bigstat.net ICANN Registrar: REGTIME LTD Created 18 February 2009 NS1.NAMESELF.COM NS2.NAMESELF.COM IP: – Berlin, Netdirekt Shares IP with greatstat.com Registrant – bigstat.net and greatstat.com Anemari Rotko (ranemari@yahoo.com) Tulskaya, […]

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ALERT: Please treat advertising from Gilmours Media (gilmoursmedia.com) with extreme caution

May 20th 2009

They have been caught distributing malvertizing. Current registration details are: ICANN Registrar: REGTIME LTD Created 24 March 2008 NS1.NAMESELF.COM NS2.NAMESELF.COM IP: – New York, Internet Path Inc Registrant: Jacob Tua (saidfahtih@gmail.com) Maltiskam 12-67 Belgrade 11008 Russia +381 113 114 094 It should be noted that gilmoursmedia.com was originally registered via the infamous ESTDOMAINS, to […]

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ALERT: More malvertizements featuring classmates.com are being displayed at mediatakeout.com

May 5th 2009

    The malvertizements are at a web site called mediatakeout.com.  There are two of them: mediatakeout.com/adserver/classmates300x250.swf Adopstools results – http://www.adopstools.com/index.asp?section=quicklink&id=qjQ0XEgKuMwGOH2m mediatakeout.com/adserver/classmates728x90.swf Adopstools results – http://www.adopstools.com/index.asp?section=quicklink&id=5xX9tYDn83p75I5q It looks like they have been in circulation for less than a day. The malvertizements have been reported to the web site owners. These malvertizements are interesting, because they […]

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ALERT: malvertizing impersonating well known classmates.com advertisements.

May 4th 2009

  Reported by Kimberley: www.bluetack.co.uk/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=18064&view=findpost&p=91839  The malvertizements are very familiar, yes? Now, we already know that a known bad actor, yourdirectmedia, has supplied "Classmatesmedia, Rick Harris, 619 949 8952" as a referee.  We also suspect (I have not had this independently confirmed) that classmatesmedia does not directly sells advertising – rather, I believe that United […]

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