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ALERT: malvertizing impersonating well known classmates.com advertisements.

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Reported by Kimberley:

The malvertizements are very familiar, yes?

Now, we already know that a known bad actor, yourdirectmedia, has supplied "Classmatesmedia, Rick Harris, 619 949 8952" as a referee.  We also suspect (I have not had this independently confirmed) that classmatesmedia does not directly sells advertising – rather, I believe that United Online Advertising Solutions is responsible for that chore (uolmediagroup.com).

How much do you want to bet that somebody impersonating classmates.com, or falsely claiming to represent them, is responsible for these malvertizements.

On display at ifood.tv, bhg.com, fitnessmagazine.com.  Hosted by Doubleclick 🙁


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  Same old same old.  The malvertizement hits the domains statcluster.com and enjoyspringtime.com (both domains have been mentioned on this blog several times). The Adopstools results make it obvious that there is something suspicious: http://www.adopstools.net/index.asp?section=quicklink&id=R59g0m36S016WwBW From statcluster.com and enjoyspringtime.com we end up at crustat.com then […]

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    The malvertizements are at a web site called mediatakeout.com.  There are two of them: mediatakeout.com/adserver/classmates300x250.swf Adopstools results – http://www.adopstools.com/index.asp?section=quicklink&id=qjQ0XEgKuMwGOH2m mediatakeout.com/adserver/classmates728x90.swf Adopstools results – http://www.adopstools.com/index.asp?section=quicklink&id=5xX9tYDn83p75I5q It looks like they have been in circulation for less […]

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