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ALERT: More malvertizements featuring classmates.com are being displayed at mediatakeout.com

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The malvertizements are at a web site called mediatakeout.com.  There are two of them:

Adopstools results – http://www.adopstools.com/index.asp?section=quicklink&id=qjQ0XEgKuMwGOH2m

Adopstools results – http://www.adopstools.com/index.asp?section=quicklink&id=5xX9tYDn83p75I5q

It looks like they have been in circulation for less than a day.

The malvertizements have been reported to the web site owners.

These malvertizements are interesting, because they hit an additional domain, being bannerfarm.ace.advertising.com, which is an AOL asset.  AOL have been notified as well.

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“ALERT: More malvertizements featuring classmates.com are being displayed at mediatakeout.com”

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What is malvertizing?


“what is malvertizing?”

“malvertizements” are advertisements that you see on webpages where, if you click on them, it could result in your computer’s being infected with malware.. the way that the do that is by downloading data from malicious “web addresses” which then interacts with a program on your computer, usually.. you can try to prevent the malware-infections by using a HOSTS file, by blocking ip addresses, with your firewall, and/or by using high security settings in your browsers, like “internet explorer”, and by keeping everything up-to-date, on your computer, like the windows updates, updates for your java virtual machine, updates for “flash player”, updates for your pdf-reader, updates for your media player.. if you use the “security” forum, at “dslreports”, information about vulnerabilities, and patches for the vulnerabilities, is frequently posted there (so, by browsing the forum, you can be informed about things that you need to do in order to try to keep your computer secure).. here is a link to the “security” forum, at “dslreports”: http://www.dslreports.com/…/security


I wonder do the posters on mediatakeout.com know about these “malvertizements? It seems wholly unfair for the people that unfortunately clicked on those ads.

  Reported by Kimberley: www.bluetack.co.uk/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=18064&view=findpost&p=91839  The malvertizements are very familiar, yes? Now, we already know that a known bad actor, yourdirectmedia, has supplied "Classmatesmedia, Rick Harris, 619 949 8952" as a referee.  We also suspect (I have not had this independently confirmed) that classmatesmedia […]

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They have been caught distributing malvertizing.
Current registration details are:
IP: – New York, Internet Path Inc
Jacob Tua (saidfahtih@gmail.com) Maltiskam 12-67 Belgrade 11008 Russia +381 113 114 094
It should be noted that gilmoursmedia.com was originally registered via the infamous ESTDOMAINS, to […]

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