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FTC v Innovative Marketing – the agreement with James Reno and Byte Hosting

June 16th 2009

  Back on the 11th I reminded everybody that I expected the proposed stipulated final order between the FTC, Reno and ByteHosting to be filed within days.  As luck would have it, a Final Order For Permanent Injunction and Monetary Judgment as to James M. Reno and ByteHosting Internet Services, LLC was filed with the […]

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The number one rule of technical support, which Symantec seems to have forgotten, is ***PAY ATTENTION***

June 16th 2009

  I sent a request for technical support to Symantec today – I thought, foolishly it seemed, that it was clear, succinct, and to the point.  My message was: Unable to download hotfix ftp://ftp.symantec.com/public/english_us_canada/hotfix/defutil/KB20080828105226EN.exe Error when attempting download: 220 spftp/1.0.0000 Server [] 501 Syntax incorrect 421 Service not available, closing control connection I have been […]

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FTC versus Innovative Marketing et al – developments

June 10th 2009

So sayeth the Court…. “This Court conducted a hearing yesterday on almost all outstanding motions in this case and rendered the following rulings for the reasons stated on the record: Sam Jain’s Motion to Stay (Paper No. 45) is DENIED; Kristy Ross’s Motion to Temporary Stay (Paper No. 48) is DENIED; FTC’s Motion for Order […]

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FTC versus Innovative Marketing… developments

June 10th 2009

Today was a big day… “Motion Hearing held on Tuesday 9 June, 2009 re: (51) MOTION to Strike (49) MOTION for Other Relief Order Holding Sam Jain and Kristy Ross In Contempt Of Court And Requiring The Repatriation Of Their Assets OR IN THE ALTERNATIVE MOTION to Strike (49) MOTION for Other Relief Order Holding […]

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