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DIRECTI action… or lack thereof…

July 23rd 2009 in Uncategorized

Directi have “suspended” masters-woodworks.com, but NOT the almost identical masterwood-works.net, or the sites awiron-work.com, freshy-girls.com or sleazy-dreams.net  (all of which are on the same IP and have the same Registrant).

They have also “suspended” viorfjoj-1.com (different IP, same registrant), but have NOT suspended viorfjoj-2.com or viorfjoj-3.com (again, same IP, same Registrant)

Too little, too late.

Bearing in mind my comments here about adclickmate.net and adburau.net, I am beginning to wonder (again) just what is going on at DIRECTI.  It seems to me that they could do more to protect the Internet as a whole by investigating and suspending domains that are closely associated with bad behaviour – especially when there are multiple incidents of bad behaviour as dangerous as that we have been documenting these past few days.

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Kimberley wrote about a couple of incidents on 18 July 2009 and again yesterday – they are not the same incidents as I have written about: http://www.bluetack.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=18064&st=240#

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I have expressed concerned about DIRECTI in the past few posts, and I now have even more cause for concern.
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IP q0i.in, […]

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