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July 23rd 2009 in Uncategorized

I have expressed concerned about DIRECTI in the past few posts, and I now have even more cause for concern.

Paul Ferguson of TrendMicro let me know about a slew of DIRECTI registered domains which are serving up exploits.  How is this for a list (all of which were registered on 22 July 2009):

q0i.in, u1w.in, u1y.in, u3h.in, u3j.in, u3v.in, u3y.in, u4w.in, u5c.in, u5k.in, u5m.in, u5t.in, u5w.in, u6d.in, u6l.in, u6n.in, u6v.in, u6x.in, u7f.in, u8b.in, u8j.in, u8t.in, u9b.in, u9c.in, u9j.in, q1b.in, q1l.in, q1m.in, q1w.in, q3b.in, q3c.in, q3o.in, q5a.in, q5k.in, q5m.in, q5u.in, q0a.in, q0k.in, q0l.in, q0v.in, q0w.in, q0x.in, q5v.in, u1j.in, u3m.in, u5d.in, u7o.in, u8v.in, q1e.in, u1m.in, u6c.in, u0s.in


q1k.in, q1v.in

u0c.in, u5e.in, u5v.in, u7p.in, u8i.in, u9i.in, u9k.in,

x9d.in, q1d.in, q0c.in, u7g.in, u7z.in,


To be fair, there were some domains at the same IP address that were registered via “Vivesh Infotechnics Ltd”, also based in India (just like Directi).   I’ll leave it to others to try and find if there is any connection between DIRECTI and Vivesh Infotechnics Ltd.

x0c.in, x0v.in, x1i.in, x3a.in, x6q.in, x6r.in, x7c.in, x7l.in, x8c.in, x8e.in, x8f.in, x8m.in, x8n.in, x8v.in, x9e.in, x9f.in, x9g.in, x9o.in, x9u.in, x9w.in, x9y.in, x3y.in, x7d.in, x8y.in, x1h.in, x6i.in, x8w.in


x7k.in, x8o.in


As always, the above domains should be treated with EXTREME CAUTION.

Edit:  there are reports that has been replaced (in some cases?) by

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Thanks for this one. 🙂



An iframe keeps getting inserted on all my servers on any file with “index” in it. One of them is iframe src=<<dangerous link removed>>

what is causing this and how do you get rid of it? I already changed all my hosting account passwords and got rid of all viruses and spyware and then was hit again. Would connecting to my servers with secure FTP help?



You are using WordPress?  If so, read this:


The most likely way that they are getting in is via a security vulnerability of some type in software that you are running/that is running on the server.

You must also make sure that you are using very strong passwords.  If there is an infection on your local computer, then it is possible that the content is being injected from there.

My personal opinion is you should always use secure FTP if it is available to you.

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