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ALERT: More malvertizing via Facebook applications?

August 25th 2009 in Uncategorized

Last time it was “Human Gifts” (aka Owned) that I wrote about on August 3:
ALERT- Malvertizing on Facebook and gaiaonline.com


This time it is the “We’re Related” application – an incident reported on August 18


And, according to a family member, her web browser’s security filter blocked her web browser from accessing something when playing Bubbletown (I quote: “a big red page came up”).  Something was going on there too.

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Thankfully it tries to load content from a known bad domain that is not responding.        

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This investigation began after I was alerted to the fact that somebody has been posing as a Vonage representative, and using the domain vonage-inc.com while doing so. The domain vonage-inc.com was created on 5 August 2009, and the ICANN Registrar is BIZCN.COM, Inc.  It is hosted by Root Esolutions, Luxembourg (IP address […]

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