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Six countries, and 3 weeks, later I am back from holidays

November 1st 2009 in Uncategorized

After exploring the northern hemisphere of our amazing planet and visiting climates as varied as 41 degrees (Celsius) in Egypt and –2 degrees (Celsius) in an ice grotto situated at 3,000 feet above sea level in Switzerland, and flying over the Ukraine at roughly 11,000 feet (yes, malvertizing did cross my mind when I saw where the plane was situated) I am back on duty and ready to resume keeping all of you informed about the latest happenings in the malvertizing world.

My apologies for not letting my loyal readers know that I would be absent; for obvious reasons I prefer NOT to advertise publicly that I will be away for an extended period until after I return.

If anybody is interested in photos, I took 600 (and some of them are even pretty good) … 🙂

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“Six countries, and 3 weeks, later I am back from holidays”


Ah, that explains it! Sounds like one heck of a good holiday – think I’d need a good rest now!


welcome back 🙂


It’s a great way of spreading cultural bias by mentioning malvertising wrt Ukraine. Please do your home work and realize that the malware guys work from any possible place on Earth that is connected to the intertubez. I am not Ukrainian. Your blog entry makes me think of starting my own blog that will directly point to entries like yours; Security Researchers are supposed to follow scientific approach and logic. I suggest reading a bit from Mr. Feynmann and sit down and reevaluate your objectives. I will help you. Write about malvertisements, and don’t write about personal subjective opinions about other nations.


Welcome back Sandi!

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