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FTC versus Innovative Marketing et al – Sam Jain’s legal counsel request leave to withdraw as attorneys of record

November 15th 2009 in Uncategorized

In a not unsurprising development, legal counsel for Sam Jain have petitioned the Court for permission to withdraw as attorneys for Sam Jain.  The FTC does not oppose the request, but does object to any further extension of Mr Jain’s time to respond to the FTC’s pending Renewed Motion for Rule 37 Sanctions.

The reasons Jain’s attorneys ask for permission to withdraw are:

  1. They have NEVER communicated directly with Jain.
  2. Their last indirect communication with Jain was received on January 14, 2009.
  3. They have not communicated with Jain in more than 10 months, since before the bench warrant was issued for Jain’s arrest by the US District Court for the Northern District of California in an unrelated.
  4. They claim to have no knowledge of Jain’s whereabouts, and to have no ability to contact him directly.

Jain’s legal counsel state that "considering the bench warrant in the Northern District of California and the ongoing criminal investigation in the Northern District of Illinois, there is no indication Mr Jain will participate meaningfully in discovery, with or without counsel."

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