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Update on Farm Town

April 12th 2010 in Uncategorized

I received an email from adknowledge.com 50 minutes ago to advise that they have identified and taken down the malicious advertisement.

There is, of course, much that needs to be addressed. 

  • How did the advert get in in the first place?
  • If Farm Town were approached and accepted the advert, who gave it to them?
  • What training do Farm Town staff need to help them avoid future incidents, because if they accepted a bad ad, they are now known as an “easy touch” and they WILL be approached again by the same bad guys, using new pseudonyms.  The Farm Town staff MUST be trained in how to identify potential bad actors to minimize any chance of being fooled again.

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“Update on Farm Town”


Do you have any recommendations for how sales staff should be trained to identify malvertisers?


@ Amy,

Most certainly 🙂

Start here:



i don’t think it was isolated to FarmTown. my wife doesn’t play that and our home pc was infected sunday night while she was on FB. we use firefox. it has been a pain but i think i have it gone. i will run more scans later.


@ Mike.

I would post to their forum and let them know that they may not be alone, but for some reason I can no longer post to the forums – all of my attempts are being “moderated” and none have been approved so far – perhaps because I offered to help them work out an action plan to more effectively handle malvertizement incidents and another forum member said that my post was a “sales pitch”, and because I was critical of the fact that the applications “Developers” did not get in touch with me to get the information that I had for them.

Obviously they don’t know me at all, if they think that I have ever *charged* an ad network or a web site to help them 🙁


Thanks, Sandy. I have used that site in the past to pull together some tips for sales folks. I was hoping maybe there was a “cheat sheet” you had created that might give even more clear details. Thanks again for the resources on your site.


@ Amy …

A “cheat sheet” .. what an excellent idea! And something to keep in mind to do the next time I am on holidays or have a few days of free time.


Oh boy… Conrad took a look at the traffic hitting justimpression.com http://blog.dynamoo.com/2010/04/farmtown-impressionclubcom-and.html   One thing I will point out is that those stats are for people visiting justimpression.com who are based in the United States.  It seems that the Farm Town malvertizement on Facebook is geotargetted and hitting UK and Australian players.  […]

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I posted this to Farm Town here:   This response was posted, just 14 minutes later – note that my post was edited not once (by “candlelight”), but twice – once to disable the links (which I don’t have a problem with) and then again over 12 hours later (by “Heddryin”?) […]

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