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ALERT: Please treat content from adamazing.com with extreme caution

July 19th 2010 in Uncategorized

Brought to light via a comment on this blog.

ICANN Registrar: Nameking.com
Created 19 April 2010

Current IP:

Registrant: "Oversee Research and Development, LLC" (admin@overseedomainmanagement.com)

Domain is currently "parked", but previously was hosted at IP (Enom Incorporated).

A cached copy of adamazing.com contains code that eventually leads us to this URL – proceed with caution:


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We already know about the comment posted to my blog about adamazing.com – now we can add ad-amazing.com (notice the added hypen) to the list. ad-amazing.com have been caught distributing tags that spoof legitimate companies in a way similar to that described in this article about subdomains. The ad-amazing.com representative supplied the following […]

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