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ALERT: phg-media.com has nothing to do with Zedo

August 25th 2010 in Uncategorized

phg-media.com were caught laying the groundwork for an attempt to impersonate Zedo (see the screenshot below captured before the site disappeared).  Please be aware that phg-media.com have nothing to do with Zedo.

Safe Browsing Report – 63 scripting exploits and one trojan:


Created 21 June 2010


Registrant hidden behind Proxy Private Registration

Other domains in the same IP range that should be treated with caution are t10-media.com, s5-media.com, rst-media.com, phg-media.com, ads-fc.com, wta-media.com, fcs-media.com


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Thanks to industrypace.com for the info (the only thing I would point out is that just because they use a Chinese registrar, doesn’t make the bad guys themselves Chinese…).  There is link to a youtube video in the industrypace.com article which allows you to listen to the voicemail potential victims are directed to when they […]

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