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ALERT: Starcom Mediavest Group are being impersonated

August 30th 2010 in Uncategorized

The real Mediavest domain is mediavestww.com (note the ww).  The impersonators are using mediavestw.com (note, just one w)

ICANN Registrar: Melbourne IT, Ltd D/B/A Internet Names Worldwide
Created 6 August 2010

IP: – Yahoo! Inc

Registrant: hidden behind myprivateregistration.com

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Thanks to industrypace.com for the info (the only thing I would point out is that just because they use a Chinese registrar, doesn’t make the bad guys themselves Chinese…).  There is link to a youtube video in the industrypace.com article which allows you to listen to the voicemail potential victims are directed to when they […]

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