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September 3rd 2010 in Uncategorized

The miscreants spreading malvertizing in recent times are using the domain facilitatedigital.NET (see my earlier blog post about them) – the legitimate Facilitate Digital uses the domains facilitatedigital.COM, .US and .EU

Please do not confuse the good guys with the bad guys :o)

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Hi Sandi
You may want to check the link below, apparently the guys who are malvertizing the facilitatedigital.NET name are doing way more than that. If you go to the link I have added below for you the guys at dynamoo have dug up a lot of badness hosted on this AS49770 (

They have listed a whack of domain names associated with it and there are quite a lot of malvertizing sites in there you may want to add to your list mentioned in connection with these characters. Hope this helps… David



Hi Sandi
I forgot to say there is two liks for you to have a look at regarding these characters. You can find a more complete list of domains attached to these characters that dynaoo article referances, one of the links that mentioned ( and I forgot to add ) was the one below


Hope this helps Sandi…Keep up the good fight! David

  NOTE: THE MISCREANTS ARE USING THE DOMAIN FACILITATEDIGITAL.NET – PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THEM WITH THE LEGITIMATE FACILITATEDIGITAL.COM, .US AND .EU This time the bad adverts hit dimetoo.co.cc and oouty.com. oouty.com ICANN Registrar: BIZCN.COM, Inc Created 9 August 2010 […]

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