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Will the real TBWA Worldwide please raise their hand…

December 2nd 2010 in Uncategorized

Treat this domain with extreme caution please…

ICANN Registrar: Melbourne IT DBA Internet Names Worldwide
Registered 14 November 2010

IP: – Yahoo

Registrant: John Mcneel


tbwaagency.com claims to be "TBWA Worldwide, Division of Omnicom Group", but according to the Omnicom Group web site, the URL for TBWA is www.tbwa.com, not "tbwaagency.com".

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“Will the real TBWA Worldwide please raise their hand…”

David M

Sandi, I have to wonder if these same characters wer also involved in the latest Malicious Ads that hit the DOUBLECLICK & MSN Ad networks as they used a domain name “close” another Ad Medai companies original name. They used a variation on the http://www.ADShuffle.com domain, the bad guys used http://www.ADShufffle.com

You can find more on it in a story at the link below:

adservingmediagroup.com ICANN REgistrar: BIZCN.com Created 7 November 2010 IP: – Kuala Lumpur Registrant: NewCompany ltd (moonbeam@konocti.net) (address associated with 108 domains) Shares IP with adservingmedia.org, bubaiwangchao.com, cc-shop.com, includejoomla.com, Tl177.com, windowsupdatechecker.com ***** sheralli.com ICANN Registrar: BIZCN.COM […]

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