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More spam

July 2nd 2011 in Uncategorized

Following on from yesterday’s post, here’s another sample spam.

Clicking on a link opens an hilonite.com URL which redirects to dailyappssource.com/pdf/promo/index.asp?aff=11677&camp=esp3_pdf_jul02

Content is also retrieved from secure-signupway.com

Created 16 June 2011

orderquart telecom
Steven Ogden (katebennett31@aol.com)

Shares IP with genyie.com, gettita.com (mentioned yesterday), hilonite.com, janethsa.com, lenicety.com

ICANN Registrar: ENOM, INC
Created 24 September 2009

Registrant hidden behind WhoisGuard

IP – Balticom, Latvia

WHOIS timeout


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“More spam”

Conrad Longmore

secure-signupway.com is owned by Media Entertainment Guide Ltd, Nassau aka MarketBay aka Three W Networks.

The rest of the domains are theoretically owned by affiliates of MarketBay, although sometimes I suspect that it’s just MarketBay itself operating under a disguise.

These almost fooled a family member.  They’re fake. The spammers do the most basic of tracking – first by including remotely hosted pictures in the email, and by embedding the victim’s email address into URLs.  If you click on the link, even if you are well aware it’s fake and don’t intend to buy […]

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Not a good idea!  Collecting a slew of email addresses, apparently to invite people to Google+ creating a spreadsheet, publishing it to Google Docs, then making the document PUBLIC!! Lots of people are taking a look-see – we can only hope they’re not grabbing those addresses for spamming […]

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