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A new (to me) malware spam

August 17th 2011 in Uncategorized

I haven’t seen this particular malware spam before – obviously it is not the real thing 🙂

Note the @nyc.gov email address.

The message path is interesting – the email *apparently* originated from nyc.gov ( to be picked up by (obbh.com – India Delhi Rcom-wireless-1x-mumbai).

Interestingly, does, apparently, host nyc.gov as well as nycppf.org – the host resolves as prtl-drprd-web.nyc.gov.

So, are we looking at forged headers or a problem affecting nyc.gov? Note how the dates are screwy – according to the headers the mail was sent from on 3 August but wasn’t passed on by until the 17th of August?

The attachment is definitely bad – when unzipped the contents (a single file) has a PDF icon but is actually an EXE:




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“A new (to me) malware spam”


Curious that the nyc.gov website has no means of forwarding this spam to them, alerting them to the problem. Guess they think…It’s not THEIR problem!

Source: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2011/08/03/media-hoax-internet-explorer-users-dumb-research/ “It turned out that many websites (CNN, BBC, NPR, CNET, Forbes, the Daily Mail, Mashable, the Daily Telegraph are just a handful) had been duped in recent days by supposed research from AptiQuant showing that users of Internet Explorer scored lower than average in IQ tests.”

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