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International Checkout (URL: internationalcheckout.com) hacked

December 6th 2011 in Uncategorized

A friend received the email below the other day.  Note that not only do International Checkout advise that “an intruder accessed and potentially compromised [their] system”, but the intruder / intruders also “gained access to part of [their] system that contained credit card numbers of customers” AND the intruder / intruders were able to “access the encryption key [for the credit card information database] that was stored separately”.

My friend’s credit card was misused, with many overseas transactions being charged to her card.

If you go to the internationalcheckout.com web site, and look at the large list of partners currently using the service, you can get a sense of the scale of the potential problem.

If you have used any of the merchants listed on the internationalcheckout.com web site please keep a close eye on your cards.  If you know anybody that has used the sites, let them know about what has happened.



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