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Lots of bad domains…

March 22nd 2012 in Uncategorized

Thank you to the source – you know who you are Smile

adpointroll.com –

adsturn.com –

adsvirginmobileusa.com –

advirginmobileusa.com –

advirginmobileusainc.com –

best-serving.com –

convertro.net –


ctrtrack-15.com –

daviselenserver.com –,

d1openx.com –

dlopenx.com –

hostcreati.com –

interclickctr.com –

impsserv.com –

letfen.com –

novastr.com –

pedone-ads.com –

runimps.com –

statimps.com –

stats-tr.com –

track-t10.com –

t5track.com –

wellserving.com –

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“Lots of bad domains…”

Conrad Longmore

Hi Sandi.. glad to see some new posts!

The closest CIDR subnet I can work out is, I’ve just added it to our blocklist here. Thanks 🙂


Hi Conrad!

Yes, it has been crazy busy, but a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope that you and yours are well and happy.


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