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Non-English (Dutch) Mastercard spam

June 4th 2012 in Uncategorized

Rough translation…



Spam email:


As always, when you hover over a link, it becomes obvious that the email is not legitimate:


If you give in to temptation (of course, never do so unless you are working within a properly sandboxed virtual machine that you can “nuke from orbit” if needs be) you will see the following.  It’s pretty well coded, each [?] works, an error is triggered if a field is not properly completed, and you see a nag window if you try to close the window.




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“Non-English (Dutch) Mastercard spam”

Nick Kusters

The Dutch in the phishing mails is very bad, probably machine translated, no native speaker would fall for it.

  After bouncing through various URLs (including one in Russia) you end up at a fake Twitter log in page: http://wepawet.cs.ucsb.edu/view.php?hash=a9f9677418fa2d11d0b6eddda93e6e3b&t=1338784045&type=js   Note the non-Twitter URL.  

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