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Dear Facebook….

June 22nd 2012 in Uncategorized

How do I say this nicely…. No I will NOT give you $7.34AUD to “promote” a post.


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“Dear Facebook….”


Are you the Sandi from “Welcome to Sandi’s Site” This new annoying site that keeps popping up on my screen no matter what I try to do? My computer keeps rerouting me to you. It is annoying and I don’t like it. STOP! you are as bad as Spyware, if you are not actually spyware.


If you mean http://inetexplorer.mvps.org/, then yes that is my (oldest, not updated for many years) website. As to why it may popping up on your computer, that I cannot explain – it is not something I have done or have any control over. I can only assume that somebody is trying to cause trouble – maybe somebody who doesn’t like my antispyware work and anti-malvertizing work on this blog. I sympathise, and recommend you contact a spyware support forum for help, maybe somewhere like http://www.spywarewarrior.com/index.php. In the meantime, I’ll forward your comment to some antispyware / security mailing lists that I’m a member of, see if there are any other reports of such shenanigans. Again, I’m sorry about what you are seeing.


  Ok, so I checked out the link (only from within an isolated VM, and after checking out what the URL will do using analytical tools – don’t try this at home boys and girls). For what it’s worth, you end up at a survey or prize win page which changes […]

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  Interesting to see that the phishing email has links pointing to “jafratravel.net” but coincidental.  Other AA spam emails have been seen with *.cn URLs and whatnot.

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