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While we’re on the topic of crashing web browsers…

July 4th 2012 in Uncategorized

Nearly. Every. Time. I. Close. Chrome…  Yes, I’ve done the researching, and the attempted fixing, and uninstalling/trashing data/reinstalling etc etc etc… if it were Internet Explorer I was having trouble with I’d probably get it fixed in short order…




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“While we’re on the topic of crashing web browsers…”


… yeah, IE doesn’t crash – it just hangs.



@ PC Tech1 – invariably easily fixed. Test 1: running IE in no add-ons mode to see if the problem goes away. Test 2: Empty / nuke cache. Test 3: Make sure cache setting is not set to “automatically”. Test 4: Make sure cache is not to large or small. Test 5: An overlarge autocomplete cache can cause issues, especially when filling in forms. Delete.

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