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Fake Sony Prize spam…

October 1st 2012 in Uncategorized

Got this today (phone spam, not email).  It’s actually a good example of what to watch out for…

“You have been chosen to receive a free gift. Go to http:// www .sony.com.au.ircontest.info and enter code **** to claim it and tell us where to ship it”.


  1. Hyperlink broken for safety.
  2. The hyperlink is designed to look like it will take you to “sony.com.au” when in fact it will take you to “ircontest.info”.  If the URL was sony.com.au/ircontest.info it would belong to Sony, but because it is sony.com.au.ircontest.info (a full stop, not a slash) you will end up at a subdomain of ircontest.info, not sony.com.au (clear as mud?)

ICANN Registrar: GoDaddy.com
Created: 25 September 2012

IP: (Panama, Panamaserver.com)

Registration details hidden by Domains By Proxy, LLC.

Shares IP at time of writing with appletesting.info, frcontest.info, frgiveaway.info, grcontest.info, grgiveaway.info, idiotpages.com

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Here’s a new twist on an old story… as always, if you hover over a hyperlink you can see that the emails are not legitimate.     

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