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Malvertizing and PDFs…

October 1st 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m seeing reports of malvertizements automatically opening PDFs. These PDFs use exploits to try and infect a user’s computer.

It’s very important to make sure that if you have Adobe Reader (or other PDF apps) installed on your computer that you make sure that they are properly patched.  I ordinarily commend Secunia PSI as an easy way to help stay on top of patches that may be required for software that is installed on your computer, but it requires admin rights (not good if you’re a standard user) and doesn’t work if you access the internet via a proxy.  I certainly couldn’t get it to run on my Win7 box running as a standard user – it came up with a proxy error even though I wasn’t actually using a proxy.

Anyway, it’s available here – who knows, maybe you’ll have more luck.


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“Malvertizing and PDFs…”


Also, it would be a good idea to uninstall older versions of Reader and install Reader X, which has sandboxing (not sure if that works on WinXP, though).

Additionally, it’s a good practice to disable Reader’s JavaScript feature, which is found by opening Reader and choosing Edit > Preferences from the menu, then locating JavaScript and unchecking the box for “Enable Acrobat JavaScript.” I’ve rarely encountered any drawbacks to this.

Hover over the hyperlink; you’ll see it’s fake (I’m feeling a bit like a broken record here…)

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